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SAS bashing

A number of recent posts have been towards the critical end of the scale with regards to SAS®. This seems a little unfair given my recent experience of working with them in the design phase of a project. The quality their input has been fantastic, and I wonder if we could have come up with [...]

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Wolfram and The Power to, …, erm

In a few weeks Wolfram|Alpha will finally be unveiled and we will see if it can live up to its promise. There was a great article on hplus magazine by Rudy Rucker, whose life seems to have been entwined with Wolfram for a long time. Rudy seems to have got an early dose of the [...]

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Which papers are you reading?

The SUGI SAS Global Forum 2009 Proceedings papers have been available on-line for a week now. I’ve skimmed the titles and there are a few that I’ve earmarked for further study, see below; sadly some of the interesting ones came up with the disappointing “No paper was submitted for publication in the Proceedings.” message. Which [...]

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SAS Global Forum, at one remove

What a day (yesterday was)! A flurry of press releases from SAS®. Two caught my eye: SAS to offer R integration to support analytical innovation, and SAS and Teradata Announce Availability of Analytic Advantage and Optimization Services Packages. Technorati Tags: analytics, integration, r, SAS, teradata

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Wolfram|Alpha banned…

… just imagine having access to Wolfram|Alpha in a physics (or any other?) exam! Technorati Tags: alpha, SAS, wolfram

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R – first steps

I talked a little while ago about downloading R. Time to update you on progress since I ran through some of the sample code in the Introduction to R. Well, I couldn’t quite believe how simple the syntax is, it feels quite strange using < – all over the place, and not a proc in [...]

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SAS user groups

How many SAS® users do we have? Looking at the number of licenses we have tells only part of the story, the tip of the iceberg. I work for a company that is a national subsidiary of a continental division of a global parent company. After a fair amount of merger and acquisition activity recently, [...]

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SAS and R

Ajay Ohri posted part 2 of his interview with Anne Milley. It was interesting to read about SAS’s use of open source software: Open source software provides many options and benefits. We see many (SAS included) embracing open source for different things…we plan to do more with open source in the future. Technorati Tags: r, [...]

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Anne Milley on DecisionStats

Great to see part one of Ajay Ohri’s interview with Anne Milley on decisionstats.com today. Yet with our annual subscription licensing model, SAS cannot rest on its laurels. Each year, customers vote with their checkbooks: if SAS provided them with business benefits, results and a positive ROI, they renew; if not, they can walk away. [...]

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A well trodden path?

With R, I thought I had stumbled on something quite niche, just in its gestative stages. And then I read that R is the most popular statistical package at Google. Clearly not so bijou, after all. Technorati Tags: analytics, r, SAS

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