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Sorting: bufsize and sortsize

Initial results for sorting data suggest that a small sortsize improves sortation, whilst the time taken is largely independent of the buffer size (bufsize) used to create the file. These are only initial findings – based on a single set of observations for one size of dataset – and these taken on a day when [...]

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Getting data into memory

Buffers seem to be the first step, specifically the bufsize and bufno system options. These tell SAS® how much data is read into memory: bufsize sets the size of a page in the file cache and bufno sets the number of pages to be read in one go. Technorati Tags: buffers, bufno, bufsize, data, memory, [...]

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Performance considerations for SAS

Having recently taken over as SAS® admin, I’m having fun and games trying to establish quite what is where, …, and why. We’re using v8, planning to upgrade to v9 shortly, and the box seems very slow. This may be because the server is doing more work – more users and larger datasets than I [...]

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