If it can, it will

The cellar flooded as the snow melted, and our submersible pump chose this moment to retire; my year-old toddling son has killed our printer; he, his brother and my wife are suffering from a flu-like vomiting bug; the car’s alternator wiring has short circuited, and finally our SAS server was strangled by an Active Directory glitch!

All of this happened over a weekend. If it happened in a soap opera I’d question the veracity. And all of this with a storming hangover after a great 34th birthday party on the Friday!
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SAS and the future

What is the future for SAS®?

I read on sasinct.com about possible mergers or acquisitions of SAS by SAP in a few years time after they (SAP) have bought Teradata…
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Server hotfixed

Well, we applied the hotfix to the SAS® server last night – after a horrendous morning when corruption in our Active Directory left us unable to log on.

The hotfixing and testing took about an hour, we were done by 7pm, and it appears that it worked – 11 sessions running happily and people trickling into work. Read More »

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It really was that easy!

Dead computer. All manner of files left behind on the hard disk. Aargh!

Photos – and this will make any parent’s blood run cold – the only copies, of our childrens’ first years!


But not irrecoverably!

Shortly after ordering the new PC I ordered some more memory, a new graphics card and an external hard disk drive (HDD) enclosure. I’d been into PC World to look for the enclosure and they only had IDE and PATA enclosures. The hard disk I wanted to mount was a SATA disk, which meant ordering over the web. The memory was proprietary, and so the store had to order it in, and I had to wait, and wait!

I plugged in the memory, powered up the machine, and, …, it works – a bit quicker.

Shut down, insert graphics card, plug in funny monitor dongle, and monitor, and, …, it works, beautifully!

Now the bit I’d been dreading, …

But installing the old hard drive was simplicity itself, a matter of unscrewing and unplugging from the old machine, and then re-plugging and screwing into the enclosure, then connecting power and USB cables and turning on. Win XP already had the drivers.

I’ve got my photos back! And my monitor no longer says that a higher resolution would give better pictures!

By the way, the mount from Akasa has a barcode AK-ENP2SATA-BKUK, and is described as an integral/eSATA HDD external enclosure for 3.5 inch IDE PATA and SATA HDD.

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How to hotfix a server?

It has been quite an effort getting IS to support our server hotfix. See It just crashed… for details. Part of the problem is that IS don’t support the server in any meaningful way at the moment. This is likely to change in the future: watch ths space!

When I discussed hotfixing with SAS® Technical Support, we came to the conclusion that applying the bundled hotfixes for v8 seemed the best bet. These need to be applied to both the client and the server and the next question was: in which order, client first or server first?

For version 8, it doesn’t matter. For version 9, check with SAS Tech Support!

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Getting data into memory

Buffers seem to be the first step, specifically the bufsize and bufno system options.

These tell SAS® how much data is read into memory: bufsize sets the size of a page in the file cache and bufno sets the number of pages to be read in one go.
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Performance considerations for SAS

Having recently taken over as SAS® admin, I’m having fun and games trying to establish quite what is where, …, and why.

We’re using v8, planning to upgrade to v9 shortly, and the box seems very slow. This may be because the server is doing more work – more users and larger datasets than I was used to – but nonetheless it seems a little sluggish and I’m suspicious of Win2k3, having been happy with Unix.
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New Year, new hardware

As the year drew to a close, so did the life of my (supposedly trusty) computer.

The price of computers has dropped to such an extent that, for the amount I paid for the original, I was able to buy a laptop and a desktop. Both are HP and were delivered quickly by dabs.com.
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Welcome to reflections.concept-delivery.com and my first blog entry!

Setting up WordPress, the platform for this blog, has been a piece of cake. Now we just need to add water and watch it grow!

I hope to share some of my experiences in blogging, SAS and other IT related matters, and would really like to hear your views.

After being deluged with spam comments I’m now using akismet, this has found spam. Hopefully this will mean that I can concentrate on responding to real comments.

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