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Wolfram and The Power to, …, erm

In a few weeks Wolfram|Alpha will finally be unveiled and we will see if it can live up to its promise. There was a great article on hplus magazine by Rudy Rucker, whose life seems to have been entwined with Wolfram for a long time. Rudy seems to have got an early dose of the [...]

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SAS Global Forum, at one remove

What a day (yesterday was)! A flurry of press releases from SAS®. Two caught my eye: SAS to offer R integration to support analytical innovation, and SAS and Teradata Announce Availability of Analytic Advantage and Optimization Services Packages. Technorati Tags: analytics, integration, r, SAS, teradata

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I’m not sure if I’m on the same planet as Stephen Wolfram, founder of Wolfram Research – the people behind Mathematica – but I’d like to be. In his recent blog post Stephen Wolfram tries to answer some of these questions: What is Wolfram|Alpha, then? It’s going to be a website: With one simple [...]

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Powerpoint, presentations and design

There has always been something difficult about PowerPoint. Blank slides just seem so desparately blank; surely cheery, colourful, dramatic slides would be perfect to hang words on: a source of inspiration should one dry up mid-spiel. Well, whilst they may help, I think Edward Tufte has identified some of the key issues in his paper [...]

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Back on track?

After a horrible month (if it can it will) normality is returning. I’ve not yet planted my potatoes, but once they’re in the ground we can start to wonder if spring is in the air. Hotfixes for both clients and server are now in, and the number of reported errors in the server’s event viewer [...]

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Server hotfixed

Well, we applied the hotfix to the SAS® server last night – after a horrendous morning when corruption in our Active Directory left us unable to log on. The hotfixing and testing took about an hour, we were done by 7pm, and it appears that it worked – 11 sessions running happily and people trickling [...]

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It really was that easy!

Dead computer. All manner of files left behind on the hard disk. Aargh!
Thank goodness for technology!

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How to hotfix a server? It has been quite an effort getting IS to support our server hotfix. See It just crashed… for details. Part of the problem is that IS don’t support the server in any meaningful way at the moment. This is likely to change in the future: watch ths space! When I [...]

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Performance considerations for SAS

Having recently taken over as SAS® admin, I’m having fun and games trying to establish quite what is where, …, and why. We’re using v8, planning to upgrade to v9 shortly, and the box seems very slow. This may be because the server is doing more work – more users and larger datasets than I [...]

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New Year, new hardware

As the year drew to a close, so did the life of my (supposedly trusty) computer. The price of computers has dropped to such an extent that, for the amount I paid for the original, I was able to buy a laptop and a desktop. Both are HP and were delivered quickly by Technorati [...]

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