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SAS bashing

A number of recent posts have been towards the critical end of the scale with regards to SAS®. This seems a little unfair given my recent experience of working with them in the design phase of a project. The quality their input has been fantastic, and I wonder if we could have come up with [...]

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Wolfram|Alpha banned…

… just imagine having access to Wolfram|Alpha in a physics (or any other?) exam! Technorati Tags: alpha, SAS, wolfram

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I’m not sure if I’m on the same planet as Stephen Wolfram, founder of Wolfram Research – the people behind Mathematica – but I’d like to be. In his recent blog post Stephen Wolfram tries to answer some of these questions: What is Wolfram|Alpha, then? It’s going to be a website: With one simple [...]

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Powerpoint, presentations and design

There has always been something difficult about PowerPoint. Blank slides just seem so desparately blank; surely cheery, colourful, dramatic slides would be perfect to hang words on: a source of inspiration should one dry up mid-spiel. Well, whilst they may help, I think Edward Tufte has identified some of the key issues in his paper [...]

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