Something for the wii-kend

Exciting news from Chris Hemedinger at SAS® published today on his blog.

Last week at SAS Global Forum, SAS demonstrated its commitment to bring powerful business analytics to customers wherever they choose to work, … In that spirit, SAS today announced plans to port its powerful analytics software to a new platform: the Nintendo® Wii®.

Chris goes on to describe the new programming paradigm:

In addition … SAS will allow SAS programmers to create sophisticated programs by using the Wii remote. … To create a DATA step, you raise and lower your arm quickly, while pressing the ‘B’ button. To create a PROC step, you swing the ol’ Wii-mote back and forth, like so, while holding the A button. To create a macro program, you have to do some tricky footwork on the Wii Balance Board – a notion that macro programmers are quite used to.

Meanwhile Angela Hall has brought a great article by Richard the SAS Guy’s which explores in detail some of the issues faced by SAS Administrators. This follows recent discussion on the topic on SAS-L and effectively answers the question What do SAS “Administrators” Do Exactly?, as opposed to developers or analysts?

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