SAS bashing

A number of recent posts have been towards the critical end of the scale with regards to SAS®. This seems a little unfair given my recent experience of working with them in the design phase of a project. The quality their input has been fantastic, and I wonder if we could have come up with as good a design without them.

When I own a Ferrari I will expect to have to pay for regular servicing.

Having said all of which, I did notice the costs of the project mounting. I wonder if one could correlate the time spent with SAS to the project budget, and compare this to a benchmark project in which they were not involved in some way?

When I own a Ferrari I don’t plan to call on the services of a chauffeur too often.

It just goes to show, I suppose, that best practice can be expensive and this is, perhaps, why our SAS environment is in the mess it is. One thing I’m very wary of is the amount of resource assigned to seemingly mundane tasks where I can’t see the value they will add. This may be myopia on my part, and I am optimistic that experience (to be gained) will teach me the error of my ways, or that experience (already earnt by colleagues) will find the budget for the SAS resource.

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