Wolfram|Alpha goes viral

I passed the note about Wolfram | Alpha to a friend who is a very highly respected academic linguist with a mathematical background, and he passed this on a friend who is very much into AI stuff.

I showed him this website and he was shocked, because he says that given this guy’s record (unbearable genius, but genius nevertheless), he might actually be able to deliver what he promises, and this would be mind-boggling – at least so my friend believes.

So let’s wait till May… I think the whole thing is fascinating, and wonder if there is a hardwired answer to “what is the question who’s answer is 42″ and similar. I’m itching to know what questions people will be asking.

I hope that Wolfram is set up to cope with the volume of requests. If people start to take notice, if Wolfram | Alpha goes viral, they may be deluged with a huge flock of browsers.

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