Which papers are you reading?

The SUGI SAS Global Forum 2009 Proceedings papers have been available on-line for a week now.

I’ve skimmed the titles and there are a few that I’ve earmarked for further study, see below; sadly some of the interesting ones came up with the disappointing “No paper was submitted for publication in the Proceedings.” message.

Which ones are you reading?

I’ve divided the papers up into the following groups:

Paul Dorfman
Worth reading at least twice…

010:From Obscurity to Utility: ADDR, PEEK, POKE as DATA Step Programming Tools
038:The DOW-Loop Unrolled

SAS Admin

094:At the Controls: An Approach to Security via SAS® Management Console
124:Building a Data Repository Using Base SAS®
177:The Many Hats of the SAS® Administrator
179:Supporting a SAS® Server Architecture
271:Configuration Management for SAS® Software Projects


333:Troubleshoot Your Performance Issues: SAS® Technical Support Shows You How
008:Formats, MP/Connect, and Other Efficiency Techniques to Save Time and Space
012:Maximum SAS®: Analyzing and Increasing Performance
024:A Faster Index for Sorted SAS® Datasets
037:Scalability of Table Lookup Techniques
065:Effectiveness and Cost of SAS® Compression
071:Choosing the Right Technique to Merge Large Data Sets Efficiently

Just for fun

086:Could You Remind Me? Creating Calendar Events from SAS®
201:SAS® Magic Squares
220:Show Them What’s Important with Communication-Effective SAS® Graphs: Solutions for a Finite Work Day in an Era of Information Overload

Now all I need are an extra ten hours in each day to read them!

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