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icosHow many SAS® users do we have? Looking at the number of licenses we have tells only part of the story, the tip of the iceberg. I work for a company that is a national subsidiary of a continental division of a global parent company. After a fair amount of merger and acquisition activity recently, there are many new business units (siblings, cousins, etc. in the corporate hierarchy) who have brought licenses with them.

Our licenses cover our geographic division, but we have only a vague idea of who else is out there. In fact, if it weren’t for a shared license, we’d probably have lost touch with these immediate siblings – one of the topics missed in the handover from my predecessor!

My belated New Year’s resolution is to join up the dots and bring all of the SAS users together into a user group. But what do all of these people have in common, other than an analytical turn of mind? How can we tailor content to stimulate their little grey cells?

Thinking along these lines, I stumbled across a slew of (to me) new SAS websites: Jared, SAS from Out in Left Field and Using SAS in the real world.

It looks as if an aggregated, if not integrated, SAS blogosphere is emerging, but I’m amazed by the diversity of these sites. The interests of these individual bloggers mean that high quality content is being produced on topics such as office integration (Left Field), improving effectiveness (Real world) as well as more opinionated postings from Jared.

The winner from all of this effort will, hopefully, be the end user and their down-stream customers.

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