SAS and R

Ajay Ohri posted part 2 of his interview with Anne Milley.

It was interesting to read about SAS’s use of open source software:

Open source software provides many options and benefits. We see many (SAS included) embracing open source for different things…we plan to do more with open source in the future.

But nothing more definite yet, we’ve got to wait for SAS® Global Forum:

The first step of SAS integrating with R will be shown at SAS Global Forum coming up in DC later this month. Other announcements for new offerings are also planned at this event.

We will wait with baited breath, and continue on the path towards R, happy to have Anne Milley’s full backing:

I have great respect for people who invest in learning (or even getting exposure to) more than one language and who appreciate the strengths of different languages for certain tasks and applications.

I only wish I could go!

I wonder if there will be any meaningful talk there of the longer term plans for SAS Institute, a topic avoided in the interview.

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