A well trodden path?

With R, I thought I had stumbled on something quite niche, just in its gestative stages.

And then I read that R is the most popular statistical package at Google. Clearly not so bijou, after all.

So now the tricky question: if we are going to embark on an exploratory data-mining exercise, do we go down the SAS® route and license Enterprise Miner, or do we jump on the band wagon and try a proof of concept using R?

I hadn’t realised, for example, that R had packages that allow one to interface with SAS datasets – this means we can exploit data we are familiar with no need for data conversion…

… but, I’m the SAS admin? Part of this feels very wrong. Perhaps I should rebrand myself as an Analytics Support Manager? Not as snappy, I’ll grant you.

Addendum: After reading the interview with Anne Milley, I laughed out loud when I saw Ajay Ohri’s earlier post (R for SAS users,) just what I need!

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