SAS and the future

What is the future for SAS®?

I read on about possible mergers or acquisitions of SAS by SAP in a few years time after they (SAP) have bought Teradata…

… and then at the other end of the spectrum SAS users on SAS-L are thinking about integrating SAS and R – see recent coverage on the SAS BI-ogsource. I think Anne Milley has opened a can of worms, and it will be interesting to look back in six months, or a year or two, and see what, if any, impact this has had…

…, whilst in another part of the forest Chris Hemedinger is trying to ram EG down our thoats with the support of various other SAS mouthpieces.

If we wanted EG, we’d be using it already, we can see that it is cheaper per seat than Base SAS.

I suspect this last is, in part, a response to the “criticism” from Gartner Group; their recent survey of the BI market placed SAS firmly in the “magic quadrant”, but had this to say about EG:

… anything beyond simple ad hoc reporting requires the power user-oriented Enterprise Guide, with many of the data manipulation and advanced analysis tasks requiring SAS programming language knowledge. The need for specialized skills represents a significant barrier to adoption in new SAS accounts.

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