It really was that easy!

Dead computer. All manner of files left behind on the hard disk. Aargh!

Photos – and this will make any parent’s blood run cold – the only copies, of our childrens’ first years!


But not irrecoverably!

Shortly after ordering the new PC I ordered some more memory, a new graphics card and an external hard disk drive (HDD) enclosure. I’d been into PC World to look for the enclosure and they only had IDE and PATA enclosures. The hard disk I wanted to mount was a SATA disk, which meant ordering over the web. The memory was proprietary, and so the store had to order it in, and I had to wait, and wait!

I plugged in the memory, powered up the machine, and, …, it works – a bit quicker.

Shut down, insert graphics card, plug in funny monitor dongle, and monitor, and, …, it works, beautifully!

Now the bit I’d been dreading, …

But installing the old hard drive was simplicity itself, a matter of unscrewing and unplugging from the old machine, and then re-plugging and screwing into the enclosure, then connecting power and USB cables and turning on. Win XP already had the drivers.

I’ve got my photos back! And my monitor no longer says that a higher resolution would give better pictures!

By the way, the mount from Akasa has a barcode AK-ENP2SATA-BKUK, and is described as an integral/eSATA HDD external enclosure for 3.5 inch IDE PATA and SATA HDD.

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