If it can, it will

The cellar flooded as the snow melted, and our submersible pump chose this moment to retire; my year-old toddling son has killed our printer; he, his brother and my wife are suffering from a flu-like vomiting bug; the car’s alternator wiring has short circuited, and finally our SAS server was strangled by an Active Directory glitch!

All of this happened over a weekend. If it happened in a soap opera I’d question the veracity. And all of this with a storming hangover after a great 34th birthday party on the Friday!

Thankfully we have great local tradesmen who are prepared to turn up on a Sunday morning at the drop of a hat and pump out cellars or who will collect-repair-return a car within six hours of the initial phone call; online retailers who have delivered new pumps and printers by Tuesday lunchtime; great IS guys at work, and alka-seltzer, …, which just leaves the humans.

One better, two on the mend, I think, …, anyway, back to the hardware…

The new printer, an HP CP1515n, is installed – I’ve updated the firmware and drivers – and is ready to go. It feels very exciting to have my first (colour) laser printer, after a series of inkjets from Epson and Lexmark: is this my first proper printer? The pump is fitted in the sump in the cellar, ready to pump, and has already cleared the last inch of standing water that we had. The car took me to work and brought me home today.

And the hotfix seems to have worked like a charm – we were running at around 9 crashes per working day, and have got through today with none.

Hooray, things are looking up!

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