Server hotfixed

Well, we applied the hotfix to the SAS® server last night – after a horrendous morning when corruption in our Active Directory left us unable to log on.

The hotfixing and testing took about an hour, we were done by 7pm, and it appears that it worked – 11 sessions running happily and people trickling into work. We applied the Base hotfix bundle 82BX09 and then 82BC21, 82BC23, 82BC24, 82BC27, 82BC32, 82BC34, 82BC41 and 82BC42, and 82CT09 for SAS/Connect and 82TE08 for SAS/Access to Teradata, see the SAS Support site for details. Before installation we stopped and uninstalled the SAS job spawner service, reinstalling and restarting it at the end.

The installation notes for a number of the fixes mention upgrading the client version of sashost.dll to version 8.0.16713.46619. We haven’t done this yet, we still have 8.0.14958.52973 installed, but SAS is still working. We are rolling out a client version (actually the same files) packaged up using SSCM and these are scheduled to be dropped on Monday next week for desktops, and then Tuesday for laptops.

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