New Year, new hardware

As the year drew to a close, so did the life of my (supposedly trusty) computer.

The price of computers has dropped to such an extent that, for the amount I paid for the original, I was able to buy a laptop and a desktop. Both are HP and were delivered quickly by

Now, with two machines to connect to the internet, I have invested in a Belkin N1 wireless router. This works fine, when it is working, but seems to drop the connection in the middle of the day just as my wife tries to connect.

Thankfully, I hope, a new firmware pre-release for the F5D8632 (1.00.07, an upgrade to the installed 1.00.06) is available from the Belkin site here.

Installing firmware on a new product is a scary job, but the routersetup system did the job and the router is working again.

Update (29 January 2009)

The firmware upgrade has been a success and has solved the problem – the router has been “always on” for the last ten days or so without dropping the connection even once.

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